TNC Collections Debt Collection Agency

Commercial Debt Collection

  • No Recovery - No Fee
  • Competitive commission rates guaranteed
  • Fully compliant with accreditations by OFT and CSA (Credit Services Association)

TNC understand that every business is different but all will find unpaid accounts detrimental to their business activity especially in the current economic climate.

TNC use a balance between the latest technologies and very well trained staff and agents to ensure our clients are given a guaranteed level of service with a recovery rate to match.

TNC provide our clients with a very comprehensive collection strategy which can be seen in action 24 hours a day.

We understand that businesses reputation is of utmost importance and for that reason we ensure the collection strategy used suits the individual client to ensure we act on their behalf in the most professional manner.

Our online service not only allow our clients to see exactly how we are recovering their accounts it also provides some of the most powerful reporting services available, reducing the work involved for our clients

Consumer Debt Collection

  • No Recovery - Fee
  • Competitive commission rates guaranteed
  • Dynamic Collections Strategy
  • Text, Email, Letter and Collection agent telephone calls
  • Full range of payment handling services

TNC use a dynamic collection strategy which ensures that every line of communication is utilised from the first day of the account being referred.

TNC are proud of our collection strategy and with the use of the latest technology we are able to guarantee our clients that every account referred will be given the same high level standard of effort.

We provide our clients with the choice of payments being handled directly by themselves, or TNC or indeed by both.

Payments of recovered monies are paid back to the client whenever they prefer i.e. weekly / Monthly

Specially trained agents work with consumer debt to ensure accounts are worked in a comprehensive, compliant manner that delivers results.



Debt Collection by letter, by phone or by personal visit.

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Welcome to TNC Parking Services Division

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Proactive credit control for your slow-paying accounts

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National & International tracing of lost debtors.

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Company Registration Numbers: TNC Management Ltd - 1639133 Transnational Corporation Ltd - 1639615

Registered UK Company Address: Portland House, Albion Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL52 2LG

Registered Ireland Company Address: 9 Clanwilliam Square, Dublin 2

TNC Management Consumer Credit Licence: 523499

Transnational Corporation Consumer Credit Licence: 128152

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Update - Online billing Service

TNC have released an online billing platform which provides our clients with all financial documentation such as invoices, credit notes and remittances to help our clients keep all their financials up to date.